2019 Modo Annual General Meeting


Join us at our AGM in Vancouver, Victoria, or Kelowna on Wednesday, April 17th. AGM registration starts at 6pm and the meeting starts at 7pm. There will be food, drinks, presentations, and door prizes.

Only shareholding members in good standing and designated liaisons have access to the Voting tab. Voting opens on April 2nd, 2019, and closes at 4PM on April 17th, 2019.

Monthly and Roaming members, and Business and Partnership drivers, are not eligible to vote but are welcome to attend the AGM. All members who are attending the AGM should RSVP.

This year there are three positions with 3-year terms to be filled. Please note that there will be three special resolutions to be voted on – in person – at the AGM. Read more about the resolutions here.

To be eligible to vote, you must have been a shareholding member of Modo as of the meeting Record Date, March 3rd, 2019

Read more about our story and meet our team, and Board of Directors.



*Please note that all candidate bios and videos are posted as is and are not edited by Modo staff.

Colin McCann

Vivian Kan

Amy Severson

David R. Crowe

Mirrick Koh

Laura Beattie

Eric Lebeau

Artem Bocharov

Ruth Legg

Raviraj Bhosale

Rebecca Midiang'a

Colin McCann

Hi! I’m Colin McCann. I’m a product manager working in the software industry, and I’m an urbanism geek. Modo has been an invaluable. I’m running for the Board of Directors because I believe my experience and outlook can help us stay on a healthy path. Carsharing has been key for me and my young family to affordable get around, so it’s important to me that Modo continues to offer this service to other young families struggling to make ends meet in our beautiful but expensive part of the world.

For 20+ years, Modo has been uniquely placed to understand what car sharing means to a community because we’re a cooperative. We’ve been able to promote affordability, sustainability, and liveability. But the next 20 years are likely to be challenging (though exciting!) times. The Modo of 2039 will have to look very different than the Modo of today, just as the Modo of today looks very different from the Modo of 1999.

I bring a strategic mindset, experience founding and leading a non-profit organization, and knowledge of financial management. If elected to the Board, I’ll do everything in my power to supervise our journey in the years ahead to the betterment of our community as a whole.

Vivian Kan

My name is Vivian Kan and I am running for a seat on Modo’s Board of Directors.

I joined Modo six years ago because I wanted a new way to engage with transportation. I wanted to break away from the constraints of car ownership without limiting my ability to explore and enjoy Vancouver and its surroundings.

Modo was the answer – and it still is today.

Being part of the solution and not just the problem is a guiding principal for me, both in my career and volunteer work. I work as an investment manager in the Cleantech Practice at BDC Capital and I use Modo in my work to visit Canadian companies solving some of today’s biggest environmental problems. During my time working at Export Development Canada in Ottawa, I was chairperson of an employee volunteer group called the Green Team that advocated and piloted ways to reduce or offset the company’s operational footprint. I was also chairperson of a volunteer group in Ottawa for Save the Children Canada. Now based in Vancouver, I am actively engaged in professional community programs that support women in business and leadership.

The principles and values of Modo are highly aligned with my own and I believe Modo can continue to be a leader of sustainable transportation solutions for our community. I am confident that my experiences in advocating for female empowerment, reducing our carbon impact, and financing entrepreneurs and technology companies, would make me an effective Director on Modo’s Board.

Amy Severson

I’ve been a Modo Member for 14 years, I currently serve on the Modo Board as Secretary, and I’m asking for your vote in the upcoming elections.

I know Modo

Modo started as a small co-op with a big heart, and is an increasingly complex and sophisticated organization. Recent growth has been organic, kickstarted by amalgamation with the Victoria Car Share. Growth in Nanaimo and Kelowna was supported by existing co-operative roots – co-ops supporting co-ops. I’m proud that Modo focuses on access, providing access to Green drivers, and being a living wage employer. Recently, Modo has been in a position to advertise, emphasizing internal and external communications. Our growth is because of the excellent staff at Modo, and the strategic direction that the Board provides.

I have Board experience

I understand that the Boards role is strategic, not operational. On the Modo Board, we’ve built on the co-operative foundations placed by previous Boards. I’ve worked on policy development, strategy development, and defining our roles and responsibilities. At the Board level and at last years AGM, we’ve had robust discussions on how to be more inclusive, so that more of our membership can access AGMs and vote. This engagement as co-op members sets us apart.

I am a professional communicator and educator

I work in adult education, for emergency management and search and rescue. I increase community capacity and amplify good practices and research. I previously worked in an autism non-profit, creating learning resources and community development to support advocacy.

David R. Crowe

My Background

It has been an honour to serve on the Modo Board of Directors for this last three years.  I am seeking reelection.

I am a non-car owning Modo member.  I have lived my entire adult life in urban areas, the majority of the time not owning a car.  In Vancouver, Modo is an important part of my transportation network.  Now retired, my career was in computer systems development and management.  My skills include technology, risk management, executive management, and governance.  Previously I also served on the board of the BC Centre for Ability Foundation for the maximum-allowed 8 years.  The Centre for Ability provides multi-disciplinary therapeutic services to children with disabilities and their families.

My Board Contributions

On the Board, I took part in the hiring of our CEO, as well as helping develop Modo’s strategy around its core values:

1) affordable 2) convenient 3) inclusive 4) sustainable

I have served on the Governance, Finance, and Nominations Committees. I have kept management accountable at all times.

Key Future Goals

On the upcoming Board, I will make a special effort to represent the needs of members outside Vancouver.

Also, I will continue to keep abreast of the fast-changing transportation environments in the world’s cities.

With my board experience at Modo and the BCCFA and my background in computer technologies and risk management, I am confident that I can continue to make valuable contribution to Modo’s Board of Directors for the benefit of all of our members.

Mirrick Koh


I’m Mirrick. I joined Modo in June 2018 just a month after arriving in Vancouver as a permanent resident from the UK. Modo cars have played a crucial role in my new life in beautiful British Columbia; taking me to home hardware stores, furniture shops, campsites and trails from Grouse Mountain to Joffre Lake. Lots of memories in the driver’s seat with more to follow!

By way of background, I am a UK qualified lawyer and practiced employment law for 7 years before becoming a HR practitioner in 2014. I have leadership experience and managerial oversight having led a team of 12 HR staff at an international law firm headquartered in London, UK.

Volunteering is a crucial part of my life; I am an active Trustee of a UK charity and have been Secretary to the Board since 2015. My role comprises advising on HR matters, determining the strategic and fundraising plans and oversight of our CEO and operations. As Secretary, I draft and issue the agenda and resolutions ahead of our AGM. Most importantly, I am a custodian of the charity’s legacy and ensure it continues to represent the needs of its members and preserve its future. With this experience, I can fully appreciate the importance of being a Modo Director and am fully committed to carrying out the duties that accompany it.

Please watch my video to learn more about me, why I joined Modo and why I’d like to join the board.

Best regards, Mirrick

Laura Beattie

My name is Laura Beattie and I am running for the Modo Board of Directors. I have a passion for sustainable transportation and would love to help Modo to continue improving the liveability of communities.

In my personal life, I choose active and alternative modes of transportation to navigate Vancouver and enjoy travelling throughout the city. This often means walking, busing, or biking to destinations but such freedom of movement wouldn’t be possible without the option of carshare as well. Living and breathing this multimodal life makes me feel so much happier and healthier than when I owned a car!

I have worked in the sustainable transportation industry for five years and look forward to continuing to apply my knowledge and growing my skill set in the shared mobility world. I have held a management role with Vancouver’s public bike share, Mobi by Shaw Go, since its launch in 2016. I have also previously managed operations and customer service, as well as informed the strategic direction, of a non-profit co-op carshare in Ontario. At Community CarShare, I was able to work closely with the Board
of Directors to achieve goals as well as grow the co-op through day-to-day activities.

Along with this experience, I earned a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo and have spent time volunteering with various environmental organizations regarding water quality, energy conservation and transportation planning. If chosen for Modo’s Board of Directors I would work hard to keep growing and improving our co-op.

Eric Lebeau

I originally joined Modo over 10 years ago because I loved the idea of sharing vehicles. It felt great to have the freedom not being restricted because I didn’t own a vehicle. Modo made it much easier for me to have a car when visiting friends in Victoria, to go on a ski trip, or run some errands for the day. It has allowed me to make the most of what BC has to offer, and I think that’s worth sharing and being a part of! This is why I want to be involved with the board of directors.

I am qualified to help oversee the governance and strategic direction of the organization because:

– I have experience leading a national team of analysts who are constantly facing changes in procedures, new technology, and an evolving market. I understand the reality of the impact of changes on employees

– I am a Chartered Professional Accountant so I am well-rounded and understand the complexities of running a business and how important strong strategic planning is to bringing more benefits for members.

– I work with diverse groups on a daily basis, finding a common ground, bringing as many perspectives together so we can work with the best ideas.

I love Modo, and the chance to be part of the board of directors would allow me to help share the benefits with even more members. Thank you.

Artem Bocharov

As a graduate student in Vancouver, I have benefited enormously from Modo car sharing. Ski touring in Squamish, carpooling to No Frills, collecting mum from the airport – this Co-Op has given my community access to cars without the enormous cost and environmental impact of owning one directly. The ease, freedom and flexibility of Modo makes the lives of many cash-strapped students much more comfortable. But, unfortunately, many other communities in BC still cannot access such services.

If elected Volunteer Board Member, I would like to explore ways to make Modo bigger and better. How can we bring more Modo cars to more neighborhoods? Coverage in West Vancouver, Surrey and parts of Burnaby ranges from sparse to nonexistent. What about zero emissions vehicles? Modo offered EVs as early as 2015, but today we are at a grand total of just 5. Could the app be improved with features like ride fee sharing between members, and car availability alerts?

I want to leverage my experiences in business, volunteering and community involvement to drive positive changes at Modo. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst, hold an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from UBC, have spent 6 years at a major international bank and co-founded BarrelWise, a start-up that is helping winemakers make wine better.

It would be my privilege to give back to the Modo community by applying my time, skills and ideas to helping our car sharing co-op be more impactful.

Ruth Legg

Modo inspires me. As a current Board member, I hope to earn your vote and continue contributing my passion, knowledge and skills to the cooperative. Modo is uniquely positioned at the leading edge of two rising movements. Sustainable transportation is imperative to bridging the transition to a low carbon future. And the cooperative model advances this transition in a democratic, inclusive way.

My motivation and experience align with Modo’s purpose – to ensure affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable car-sharing for its members. Modo is different for all the right reasons. As a Masters graduate from UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning, I appreciate the importance of a well-planned city, considering transportation and growth in partnership with organizations like Modo.

I bring considerable governance and community experience. In addition to a decade volunteering for the Fraser Basin Council on initiatives supporting sustainable communities, I was on its Board for two years. I have experience as a Modo Board member. I was also on the United Way’s GenNext Cabinet for two years, developing a strategy to engage Millennials in contributing to communities.

Professionally, I have over ten years of experience in sustainability and corporate social responsibility roles, currently in financial services. Key skillsets I bring to the Modo Board include: strategic planning, governance and accountability, risk management, citizen and customer engagement, community development, and sustainable banking.

My dedication to advancing responsible business, building community, and living my values brought me to Modo – where I hope to continue serving this vibrant cooperative.

Raviraj Bhosale

My name is Ravi, I live in South Granville,Vancouver and work at TELUS as a Senior Strategy Manager. I am a Computer Engineer with an MBA from UBC where I volunteer as a mentor and give guest lectures to MBA students. I Immigrated to Canada in 2011 and have been mentoring new immigrants as part of the IECBC’s Mentorship program. Outside of work and volunteering, I climb, run, bike and enjoy the occasional hike.

I have been an active Modo Plus member since 2014 and it is completely integrated into my life. I use it to do  groceries, visit friends,  go to the climbing gym or a hike; I bike to work most days but occasionally use Modo. I even took Modo to the Okanagan last May.

I am passionate about giving back to my community and wish to bring that same passion to Modo. Being a Computer Engineer with an MBA I bring an analytical approach with a focus on Technology and Business fundamentals which I apply daily in my work at TELUS. My role involves one to three year planning with a focus on people, process and technology. I will apply this experience to support Modo’s key priorities, namely geographic expansion of services and strategic vehicle deployment.

I want to support Modo’s fleet electrification to lead the way into a sustainable transportation future while lowering operating costs. Just like it has integrated into my life, I envision Modo integrating into people’s lives and the communities they serve.

Rebecca Midiang'a

As a global nomad that believes technology can be an aide to bridging communities, I joined Modo primarily because of the convenient booking system on web and mobile, availability of vehicles, and many pick-up and drop-off locations. Vans of all sizes have helped my family move across the lower mainland to Victoria; and finding a seven seater car with gadgets approved by teenagers has led to many memorable road-trips.

There is a fulfillment in being part of a community vision that encourages sharing and basically having fun! That type of drive has followed me since high school where I helped start our first Model United Nations, and a move across to the Pacific Northwest continued that path to help drive increased membership for our Computer Information Systems Student Association at the University of the Fraser Valley. At my current work I am a part of our growing Mindfulness working group, and have also helped with our Christmas Social Committee and as a Fire Warden; previous technology driven volunteer designations also include being a translator for the non-profit organizations of Project Gutenberg and Ushahidi.

Although I own a vehicle, it is a positive bonus to know that I do not have to buy a bigger one to drive family around – we usually book a Modo instead now. In our East Vancouver community, that has translated to more people feeling the same, with a lot more shared road-trips and buildings offering car sharing spaces around them for moves beyond the transit line.


Only shareholding members in good standing and designated liaisons are eligible to vote. Log in to your Modo account to the Voting tab under My Account. Voting opens on April 2nd and closes at 4pm on April 17th, 2019.

Monthly and Roaming members, and Business and Partnership drivers, are not eligible to vote but are welcome to attend the AGM.


AGM registration starts at 6pm. Meeting starts at 7pm.

Monthly and Roaming members, and Business and Partnership drivers, are not eligible to vote but are welcome to attend the AGM. All members who are attending the AGM should RSVP below:

Attending in Vancouver at the Morris J. Work Centre for Dialogue

Attending in Victoria at Club Kwench

Attending in Kelowna at Okanagan Technology Association