2018 Modo Annual General Meeting



This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 18th in Victoria and Vancouver. We’ll be featuring some special speakers and take a look back at Modo’s role in the community.

This year there are three positions with 3-year terms, and one position with a 2-year term for Mainland directors. Only shareholding members in good standing and designated liaisons have access to the Voting tab. Voting opens on April 4, 2018, and closes at 4pm on April 18th, 2018.

Please note that there will be three special resolutions to be voted on – in person – at the AGM. Read more about the resolutions here.

To be eligible to vote, you must have been a shareholding member of Modo as of the meeting Record Date, March 4, 2018.

Read more about our story and meet our team, and Board of Directors.

Join us at our AGM in Vancouver or Victoria.

AGM registration starts at 6pm. Meeting starts at 7pm. There will be food and drinks, presentations, and door prizes.

Monthly and Roaming members, and Business and Partnership drivers, are not eligible to vote but are welcome to attend the AGM. All members who are attending the AGM should RSVP.


*Please note that all candidate bios and videos are posted as is and are not edited by Modo staff.

Don Buchanan

Warren Cundy

Jasmine Peña

Chittaranjan Gauba

Piyush Govil

Darius Maze

Kevan Tisshaw

Clayton Weir

Arpal Dosanjh

Mark Pannekoek

Don Buchanan

I’m grateful for Modo’s contribution to our unique local culture including the Lower Mainland’s transportation choices and personally how my life in enriched as a member.

I live downtown and commute by SkyTrain, but sometimes I need a vehicle, and often not the same vehicle. Recently I used one of the Nissan NV 200s to help an artist friend move his studio. When family visit I can pick everyone up from mom’s care home, load her wheelchair in the back of a car, and go off on adventures that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. I enjoy the freedom of vehicle access while not worrying about the high cost and worry of ownership.

I’m currently a transportation planner developing long-range policy at the City of Surrey. A recent career highlight was leading the transportation section of Surrey’s new City Centre Plan, which won HUB Cycling’s 2018 Biggest Leap Forward award. Fortunately, I don’t deal with Surrey’s Modo contract and would recuse myself from any potential conflict of interest.

Other previous experience includes a VCC course on governance for board members in the non-profit sector and contract work for Smart Growth BC, Ecotrust, Suzuki Foundation and other NGOs, and two years on the BEST board back in the 1990s. I believe my team oriented approach with knowledge of municipal planning and emerging trends in the transportation ecosystem would make me a valuable addition to the Modo board. Thanks for considering me!

Warren Cundy

My name is Warren Cundy, and I’m running for re-election to the Modo Board of Directors. It has been my great pleasure to serve on the board for the past 2 years, representing you, the members. I am very interested in the current and future direction of transportation in the urban and suburban areas in which Modo operates. I think we have a key role to play in helping people get where they need to be. It was great to be a part of the team that developed Modo’s purpose: to be affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable. These aren’t new ideas to Modo, but formalizing it allows us to keep all 4 at top of mind when we are making decisions as a team.

My background is in business and IT, I have an MBA and work as a Project Manager in healthcare. My strengths on the board include being able to analyze our financial position and relevant decisions, as well as bringing my own personal experience with transportation and affordability as a local family. I am comfortable balancing the needs of Modo’s diverse stakeholders, along with the challenges we face as an organization. Modo is in great shape with a strong management team and a cohesive board, but it’s hard to understate some of the challenges that are coming soon, with ride hailing, insurance, gas prices, and large multi-national competitors in the car sharing space.

Jasmine Peña

Hello/Bonjour my name is Jasmine Pena. I live in the West End in Vancouver. I grew up in Coquitlam after emigrating from the Philippines 18 years ago. After graduating from Simon Fraser University, I left Vancouver in 2010 to pursue roles in finance and banking in Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary. Since moving back to Vancouver in 2017 I have become a Modo Superfan and I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the Modo community as a board member.

Carsharing has been a huge part of my life. It has allowed me to discover new cities, travel to and from work, and manage a long-distance relationship with my now husband.
I am running for the Board to continue pushing Modo’s agenda forward – less cars on the road, less stress from full car ownership, better environmental outcomes, and increased quality of life for Modo members.
I bring 10 years professional work experience in commercial banking and risk management. I currently work for a Federal Crown corporation helping Canadian companies export abroad. I have wide experience in volunteering with not-for-profit organizations and board experience such as:

• Fundraised and built 2 homes in the Philippines with Enspire Foundation
• Alumni representative for Simon Fraser University in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary
• Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta
• Calgary Immigration Society
• Board Member for Canada Philippine Business Council (Treasurer)

I hope to have your support and thank you for your vote.

Jasmine Peña

Chittaranjan Gauba

Good day. My name is Chittaranjan Gauba, known as “Cheeta” for short. Since early 2003, I’ve been living in downtown Vancouver. I have over forty years of work experience, gained as an employee, manager, and consultant, in Canada and internationally. I started in commercial banking, and worked later in general insurance, credit card services, the automotive sector, and alcoholic beverages. Presently I’m a private consultant, focused on training and development. I also mentor would-be entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, largely pro bono.

I and my immediate family – my wife and working son – don’t keep any cars of our own; we walk, cycle, rely on public transit, and of course use Modo.

What I could bring to Modo would include my very many years of experience, and skills and expertise in management, strategic planning, finance, applied information technology, and human resources – as well as a very keen interest in development, not just organizational but also of the communities in which we live and function. Efficient, effective transportation is very important to each of us and to our collective future – as a city, as a society. Modo, of which we’re all proud to be members and users, is very different from its competitors. It’s in many ways uniquely positioned to make a major difference to our future. I’d very much like to help make it happen, and respectfully request your vote.

Piyush Govil

I am Piyush Govil and have been part of the Vancouver community for more than 7 years. I grew up in India, where I saw many successful cooperatives and their contributions to the society. Two years ago, I discovered Modo and despite the limited financial resources, it’s service quality and growth is remarkable.

Today, rapidly evolving technology and regulatory landscapes are making it difficult even for global corporations to keep up. At Modo, we do not have the luxury of big investments dollars. It is of utmost importance that the Board makes correct strategic decisions and carefully pivots Modo to next generation technologies. We need to enhance driver and user experience while ensuring their information privacy, safety and security.

I believe my eight years of management consulting experience with one of the world’s largest consulting firm Accenture, would come quite handy for the board of directors. I’ve helped clients strategize, design and implement large scale global technology and digital transformation projects. I’m used to working with directors and Sr. executives on multi million-dollar projects, where I help them define their Goals, Strategy and objectives to navigate the shifting market demands and optimize their businesses.

Cooperatives in my opinion are the underdogs of an economy, often overlooked. I strongly believe in cooperatives and want to help Modo adapt to emerging technologies like driver less cars and connected devices as well as retain and grow Modo’s market share.

Please join me in building exciting and sustainable future for Modo. Thank you.

Darius Maze

Darius Maze currently lives in East Vancouver with his wife Jennifer and has been a Modo member for over three years. Living the co-op lifestyle that Modo introduced them to, they use the service to organize or attend community events where they can meet other members and support local causes. Darius is most passionate about grassroots initiatives that address affordability, community, and inclusion and currently serves as a Director on the boards of the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC, the Friends of the Vancouver Public Library, and Vancouver Pride. He is also involved in sharing these ideas and values at the national and international level as a Director for the AFP Canada Foundation and a member of the AFP International Diversity & Inclusion committee.

In his professional life, Darius works as a Development & Communications Manager for The Bloom Group raising awareness and funds for the social services it provides to individuals and families in Vancouver’s DTES. Supplemented by over 5 years of executive board experience, including oversight of multi-million-dollar budgets as a treasurer for two charities and managing relationships with provincial and municipal governments, Darius will use this experience fundraising ($2M+) and communicating complex social issues to help Modo grow the car sharing movement in a way that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Kevan Tisshaw

My family has benefited from membership since 2002, a CAN member before we declared, “We CAN do Mo! ” and re-branded as Modo.

Why do you want to run?

I want to battle for livability in Vancouver/Victoria. To this goal, I admire what Modo does and how we do it.

With your support,  I want to contribute as a thoughtful Director who:

  • ensures our core values of affordability, convenience, inclusion, and sustainability are focused in Board plans, decisions and policies;
  • advocates for the Modo culture that supports its staff, fosters innovation, and embeds smart service delivery and responsive member relations;
  • safeguards our finances.

 The skills you bring?

Relationship building, system thinking  and organizational development skills, using active listening, proactive questioning, and appropriate facilitating. With a sprinkle of humour.

 What do you see as Modo’s strengths and challenges?

Historically, our Board and Staff have applied deft steering to smart strategies, accessible technology, and ensuring responsive member service. Challenges? Sustainably navigating through the reefs of competition, electric car integration, Uber, and driverless cars.

Tell us about yourself!

I am a Co-op activist: I live in Co-op housing, dress MEC, and drive Modo. I have worked 40 years in both the private and public sectors in community engagement and recreation planning as a streetworker/counsellor, planner, teacher, manager and consultant. I have cycled every inch of our bike-paths.

I am also a parent (my kids have my carshare gene!) , a cajon builder, and an outdoors enthusiast. Thanks for reading!

Clayton Weir

It has been my pleasure to serve the Modo membership as board director, treasurer and finance committee chair since 2016. Modo started 21 years ago as a radical idea: that people might share cars instead of owning them, and that these coupled with other transit modes could enable more sustainable and affordable lifestyles. As a direct result of this, our family has been car-free for over 7 years now.

Modo’s vision has proven correct. Dozens of well-funded multinational car manufacturers and tech companies have made significant investments in car sharing and mobility, confirming our vision.

Modo must remain a pioneer in transport innovation. We can play a larger role in making car sharing inclusive for more people, whether remote communities, people with challenging commutes or seniors in shared living facilities. Modo can also be a platform to help drive adoption of low emission vehicles.

Professionally, I a co-founder of a software company and I teach entrepreneurship at UBC. I hold a B.Comm and MBA in Finance and am a Chartered Financial Analyst. With your vote, I can continue to be a financial steward of our co-op and help set a vision for how Modo can leverage technology to keep building a more inclusive, affordable, and sustainable co-operative.


Arpal Dosanjh

There is a lot I love about Modo.  Together, the members of Modo help to reduce the number of cars in our community. In many cases, using Modo is a cheaper alternative to direct car ownership.  We get to help the environment and save money too!

Over the last 19 years, I have lived in Burnaby, Victoria and now Vancouver. My wife and I have been members since our son was born in 2008. Modo has helped our family stay car-free and true to our environmental values.

I have a lot to offer the board.  I have experience having served on the Modo board for 3 years from 2014 to 2017.  I am familiar with its operations, finances, bylaws and other governing documents. I also bring varied board experience having served in the past on the board of a not-for-profit company.

I first decided to run as a way to give back to Modo since Modo was looking for a lawyer to sit on the board at the time.  I am a lawyer and a partner at a local litigation law firm, where I have practised for 13 years.  I help clients with wide ranging legal problems through which I have acquired a breadth of legal knowledge.  I will bring other skills too including a strong work ethic, strategic planning, analytical thinking, a comfort with financial statements and the ability to identify risk.

Please watch my video to learn more about me. Thanks for reading and for your support!

Mark Pannekoek

My name is Mark Pannekoek CPA, CMA, Manager of Procurement and Supply Chain for JOEY Restaurant Group. I am looking for your support in electing me to the Board of Directors for Modo.

I believe Car Sharing is an important part of the transportation solution for major cities. Creating sustainable options for everyone to move around without congestion is key for a thriving, liveable city. Having a young family, I am committed to supporting institutions that build strong communities now and in the future. Modo is one of those institutions. 8 years ago, Modo allowed me to shift my primary method of transport to cycling, I easily gave up my car knowing I still had access to a vehicle anytime, anywhere in Vancouver.

Here are more specifics skills that I can bring to the Board of Directors:

Financial Expertise:  I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and therefore bring professional financial expertise. I have knowledge of accounting standards for co-ops, risk management, governance, strategy and leadership.

IT knowledge: I am a Microsoft Certified Professional in Navision, an ERP software program. I have experience implementing large-scale IT initiatives.

Contract Management:  In my day job, I lead the Procurement activities that support $250 million dollars of revenue. Specifically, I administer, negotiate and enforce contracts.

I am graciously looking for your vote so I can serve the Modo community.


Only shareholding members in good standing and designated liaisons are eligible to vote. Log in to your Modo account to the Voting tab under My Account. Voting opens on April 4th and closes at 4pm on April 18th, 2018.

Monthly and Roaming members, and Business and Partnership drivers, are not eligible to vote but are welcome to attend the AGM.


AGM registration starts at 6pm. Meeting starts at 7pm.

Monthly and Roaming members, and Business and Partnership drivers, are not eligible to vote but are welcome to attend the AGM. All members who are attending the AGM should RSVP below:

Attending in Vancouver at the Segal Graduate School of Business

Attending in Victoria at Fort Tectoria